Join Rousing Book Launch Party: Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies

Come to a rousing Book Launch Party on Facebook for Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies. It starts at 4PM, Pacific Standard Time, 7PM on the East Coast (EST). It will be run by the enthusisttic and energetic staff of Loving the Book

Join the fun for a chance to win prizes. I’m giving away five packages of book swags that include a tote bag (cotton canvas) strong enough for books, one emoji stress ball, a key chain, a 25-sheet notepad and a couple of bookmarks. Plus a link to download a free ecopy of the book.

What, you might ask, does one do with a stress ball. You squeeze it in your hand to relieve tension. I imagine it might also be good for building strength in your hand. You know what to do with the other items.

Also up for grabs is a sixth prize, the grand one that includes a signed print copy of Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies plus an Amazon gift card for $25.

To win one of these six prizes, you need to participate in the Book Launch Party.

I will say that this book is not for everyone, especially not the typical romance reader although there’s love brewing in the story. Some people, though, really love it. So if you’re okay with emotional angst and realism in your love stories, see what’s up at its Book Launch Party.

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